The Party is watching you: the dystopian world we are living in

The rains have been pouring down hard these days. Almost every day ends up with torrential sheets of rain. Suddenly, I come to realise that my blog posts often start with some weather report-like sentences or paragraphs. I do not really know why. Perhaps I am obsessed with the weather. And another thing is that my languages competences are getting worse, days by days, and that my spellings are going down the same path at the same speed too. It seems to be irreversible. I have been sleeping a lot, dreaming a lot, and waking up with a stroke of bizarre feelings. Sometimes, I find myself crazy enough to think that I have been in a drug trial, or worse, been arrested and brainwashed by some governmental agency. Who knows? Perhaps it is really what is going on.

Today, I rode my bicycle through the rain to come back home after the class of Fatherland Front, a part of the propaganda course for those who work in the public sector. The lecturer, if we can call him so, unflinchingly affirmed that the Tiananmen Square Incident was inevitable, for the sake of China and Chinese people as a whole, that without it, the glorious cause of socialism in China could not be possible, by which I was really upset. And it was all the more so because I could not do anything about it. And I could not get myself out of the class. I need to go to that fucking class two days every week and let those fucking words through my ears. I don’t really understand what I am doing, for what reason. I have been lost.

Even though the setting of dystopian fictional works is usually in the far future, against the time they were written, I have been thinking for a while, it is atrociously terrifying to note that we are living in the very dystopian worlds. We already have our 1984 right here, the hypnopaedia and drug-induced happiness of Brave New World, The Handmaid’s Tale in which women are breeding machines (in fact, women have been treated in this way for the most part of history of mankind) and the Facial Justice with which everyone should look alike.

Here, and perhaps somewhere else in the world, people are supposed, or suppressed to be ignorantly happy in a country whose motto is independence, freedom and happiness. Because how can one not be happy in the land where the government’s raison d’être is for its people and for the cause of a civilised, democratic society in which all are equal? How can one not be happy? One must be, and one has the obligation to be happy, to be content with what one is offered. It is the country whose history is all about glorious victories over evil and monster conquerors, the history of an invincible people that have ever appeared on the face of the Earth, who are heading towards the greatest society that the humankind has ever known about. In that country, the Party is the Almighty God, without whom everything good aforementioned was impossible. Ones cannot criticise the Party, and the government (also formed and led by the Party, as the Party wishes) because it is against the law, written by the very Party members. Ones have to learn to love and fear Big Brother, who is vague and far away. But there is one thing ones can be sure of, that is if ones are going to question the legitimacy and supremacy of the Party and Big Brother, ones can surely end up in jails.

Sadly but true that those with power can do anything they want with those without power. What they have in their hands is power, in the case it is the power of Almighty God, of the Creator of the Land (the land of opposite realities), of the Breaker of the History, the Revolution-Born, everything that can be.

This might be the best example of 1984 that George Orwell had imagined when he wrote the novel.

I was riding back home while my mind was busy thinking about the hypnopaedia in Brave New World (sleep-learning, which is learning something through osmosis, by listening to it being repeated over and over again while sleeping). (I believe it is what they are doing to me and many other people, with their propaganda classes. The lecturers are real sympathisers, who, on one hand, also point out some darker, but true, aspects of the state and what is going on out there, yet on the other hand, they are trying to persuade us that everything is going quite well, and that those “weaknesses” are just marginal, and not by all means typical, that the Party is going to fix them all, at the end of the day.) “The truth” is repeated thousands of thousands of times until it becomes the only truth, only to be re-written and re-repeated again and again. Those who master the hypnopaedia and the tools of its arts are the masters of the world, because they can create, and re-create any truth they want, whilst the suppressed would certainly love what they are designed to do and would certainly be content with their position in the society. There is no truth other than the truth of the masters, there is no other truth existing beyond their realm and permission. Here, those who are trying to say something against the Almighty Party will be accused of distorting “the truth”, the only Party-valid truth. Ones will be shut for their thoughtcrimes (the crimes of speaking bad about the Almighty should be considered grave and punished seriously) in order that the oligarchies can still be making money and creating “the Great Future” for all. The other ones should grow to doublethink everything they see or hear.

I have been thinking that, one day, I can be arrested also, for what I talked about on my Facebook or here in my personal blog. =)) As it really happened to a blogger, yesterday. And that I might be vapourised, without a trail nor a report. It might seem like I have not ever existed on Earth. Or “they” might better hatch a plot for me to be blown up in an airplane or torn apart in a traffic accident. If they are exquisite enough.

Be careful! The Party is watching you!

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