I passed the DELF B2 with the following results.


There are two tasks in the listening section. One is about the difference between e-books and print books and the benefits of reading. It seems that I should have performed very well in the task yet I did not really know. 😀 The other is about start-ups and the difficulties you could face when you get at one.

In the reading section, there are two texts to read. One is Comment se transmettrent les pratiques alimentaires, published in Scienceshumaines. The text discusses how eating and cooking habits are passed on from generations to generations in family context. It also points out how young people develop their habits during different phases of their lives. The second reading text is about Télétravail, which makes me think if the French people are preoccupied with the idea of télétravail. I come across the subject in almost every méthode de français as well as tests preparation books.

The writing section requires you to write a letter to the mayor of a big French city to tell him or her that the number of thieves of bicycles has significantly increased, which in turn may discourage people to ride. You should talk about the benefits of riding bicycles (for the social well-being and for the environment, for instance) to persuade the mayor to have urgent actions to deal with the problem.

In the speaking section, I was asked to present and discuss the digitalization in schools.

During the months between June and November when I sat the DELF B2, I had almost no time for preparation due to a lot of deadlines. I also went through many ups and downs at work. It was the time when I immersed myself in the music of Edith Piaf, I read Camus and Diderot, along with a new translation of La Chanson de Roland. I watched La môme (2007), Cyrano de Bergerac (1990) as well as films by Cédric Klapisch and Xavier Dolan on the other side of the Atlantic in Québec. I have grown to like everything in French, even arguments. I sing French national anthem whenever possible. It was the time when I absorbed the beautiful language.

Then everything is fine, and I manage to find my way through all that.

I am well aware that tests are just tests, no matter how well they may be designed and delivered. And there is a very long way to master the language. Yet I think, with passion, I can do it, by using it every day, by speaking the melodious language out loud, in many cases on my own, by being curious with the history and culture of the land. Somehow I already become a francophile.

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