I’ve just found this blog https://thefrenchturtle.wordpress.com/ par hasard while searching for what test of French language that fits me best and that gives me an exact evaluation of my French level “Quelle est la différence entre le DELF et le TCF?” and ended up reading almost everything on it. L’auteur, qui est un japonais-americain, has a great love for French language. He did badly in schools but decided to return to the language although it’s not been always easy on the way. Je trouve que some of his opinions on language acquisition are really helpful and practical. Some posts are inspiring in a unique way. Et en outre, his vocab journal is extraordinarily impressive, his handwriting is neat, which can be found here: https://thefrenchturtle.wordpress.com/2012/06/10/one-thing-in-a-french-day/ which reminds me of the time back to school and college when I also did everything I could pour améliorer mon anglais.

There is something uncannily familiar in the ways he wrote, learned and a réussi le DELF from which I can see I am not the only one in this world who find French so beautiful yet not so facile to get the hang of, une langue qui a beaucoup de règles à apprendre. Sometimes he was discouraged and skipped classes but he kept going on at the end of the day. It’s not only the end that matters, but the means does. I think I will come back whenever I don’t have a thing for the language and don’t find it rich, sweet-sounding et ainsi de suite anymore.

And… by the way, he was also mad at finding un appartement en France, with which I have a lot of sympathy for I was in the case not so long ago.


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